Peace be with you!

I’m glad you stopped by!

There’s a staggering volume of information available to everyone today, thanks to modern technology, and it travels at the speed of thought, but too much of it inflames rather than informs or prompts introspection. If you want to be in a perpetual state of outrage, there is no shortage of blogs or social media platforms that exist primarily for that purpose.

My desire, however, in sharing my thoughts on the world is to offer thoughtful, respectful conversation on faith, culture and society from a Christian worldview, hopefully nourishing the mind and the heart. If you like energetic yet civil discourse on a variety of social, cultural and spiritual issues, if you want to share your thoughts without giving or receiving abuse, or if you’re just a people and information junkie like me, this place is for you. We may not always agree, but I hope we are always filled to the brim with grace for one another.

As we take this journey together, you’ll get to know who I am and what you can expect of me, and that is how I hope to gain your trust. It’s my sincere desire that you’ll visit again and often, and participate in this online community!