Who's working?

I'm annoyed at a particular phrase that seems to be a favorite of liberals, and our Governor is no exception. Let me give you some background. Governor O'Malley is proposing an increase in the state's top income tax rate from 4.75 percent to six percent for individuals making $150,000 or more a year and families making $200,000 or more annually. This is what liberals call a "progressive" tax code, one that punishes you for being successful, growing our economy and creating jobs for others. But that's not what got me going.

My ire is aimed the following statement from the Governor:

"I believe in a progressive tax code and one that is fair to the working people.''

Who are the liberals talking about when they use the phrases "working people" or "working families"? Aren't the individuals or families who make more money than the arbitrary limits he created also "working"? There are a lot of families whose salaries look good on paper but both parents are "working" to pay the mortgage, make the car payments and keep the children clothed, fed, educated and active. Maryland may be the richest state in the Union but it's probably one of the most expensive states in which to live as well. I make a good living and my wife brings in a part-time salary as a teacher, but I don't feel rich. In fact, my wife and I feel like we're "working" for a living just like those "working" families in which the liberals seem to be so fond.

This is just another reason why the halls of government in Annapolis and Washington need to be cleansed of these career politicians who have no clue about what really constitutes a "working" family. Even families making more than the arbitrary amount established by Governor O'Malley in his massive tax package are challenged these days by higher living expenses for housing, utilites, transportation, education and - oh, yes - taxes. Trust me, these families are "working" hard to meet the expense of living in Maryland, and they deserve a little more respect than the liberals are showing them.

Governor O'Malley, ask your party's communications and marketing consultants to find another term to describe your constituents who think the government is going to save them by creating programs for which it has no money and which offer no guarantee of results, or who think the road to prosperity is for government to redistribute income it didn't make but is all too happy to take.  Just don't use "working people" or "working family," because, Mr. O'Malley, we are ALL working and you insult us by implying otherwise.

You spoke at your inauguration of "One Maryland" but in reality you seek to divide Maryland by class in order to sell your tax increases. That doesn't sound very "progressive" to me.