The Potomac Primary - Vote for Mike Huckabee for President on February 12th

As Super Tuesday ends and the February 12th “Potomac Primary” in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. approaches, I’d like to express my support for Governor Mike Huckabee and ask Republican primary voters to cast their ballots for him to be our nominee for President. His qualifications, principles, oratorical skills and his message of optimism and hope are what this nation needs to come together as a people and face the challenges ahead. As the chief executive of the state of Arkansas, he knows the difference between legislating and governing, and a President must govern. He was only the fourth Republican to win statewide office in Arkansas since Reconstruction, and he was reelected twice in a predominantly Democratic state, demonstrating his ability to reach across party lines to win support. In fact, he was reelected with over 48 percent of the black vote in his last campaign, an unprecedented figure for a Republican candidate. How did he do it? He showed he cared by making people’s lives better. Arkansas schools, highways and health care for children all improved dramatically under his leadership, and he left the state with a surplus of over $800 million. Time Magazine named him one of the five best governors in America in 2005, Governing Magazine named him as one of its “Public Officials of the Year” for 2005 and the American Association of Retired Persons honored him with their Impact Award. Mike Huckabee knows how to lead and get things done.

Mike Huckabee doesn’t have to consult a poll or a survey to determine his beliefs. He stands firm in defense of our inalienable rights as Americans, the first of which is the right to life. At the same time, he believes we must protect and nurture our children before and after birth – he calls it “pro-life, whole life.”  As an avid outdoorsman, he is a firm advocate of gun-owners rights and a common-sense environmentalist as well.  His faith is the defining force of his life, but he respects people of all faiths or none at all. Mike Huckabee is a consistent man of principle.

Mike Huckabee understands the challenges that middle and working class families face because that’s where he comes from. He grew up in a very modest home and faced his own challenges as a college student and newlywed whose wife was diagnosed with cancer and required expensive treatment they could barely afford in order to survive. As a pastor, he counseled families suffering from hunger, debt, unemployment, health issues, domestic crises and more. As governor, he mobilized the entire state to provide food, bedding, fresh clothing and a compassionate touch for 75,000 victims of Hurricane Katrina. He says, “Good government is not about policies, but about the people whose lives are going to be touched.” Mike Huckabee cares.

If we want a President who knows how to run a government and get results, whose beliefs are based on a strong foundation of faith in God and trust in the wisdom of our founding fathers, and who cares about us because he is just like us, then join me in helping Mike Huckabee win the Maryland primary on February 12th.