Mad as......!

In 1969, President Richard Nixon popularized the phrase "silent majority," referring to those Americans who weren't out in the streets protesting the Vietnam War or engaging in the sexual revolution or the drug culture, and who generally weren't publicly vocal about their views. At the time, he was contrasting these people with the more vocal and radical citizens who took to the streets, wrote opinion pieces or appeared on TV and the radio, implying that they were in the minority. Recently, reports and videos have been circulating about the increasing rage on display at rallies for John McCain and Salin Palin as the election nears. Liberals complain that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are stirring up resentments and division with their increasingly critical rhetoric about Senator Barack Obama's past alliances with unsavory characters, or they point to the angry people at these rallies and say they are indicative of the kind of people who support Republicans and/or conservatives. The latter opinion is typical condescending liberal claptrap and it explains in part the anger that's on display.

Liberals seem very comfortable categorizing conservatives as ignorant, bigoted, uneducated, uncultured troglodytes, yet they seek the privilege of leading these uncouth denizens of Dogpatch for the next four years. I suppose the only reason they campaign for office, thereby forcing them to actually come into contact with the unwashed, is because that's the path to power. This is why people react viscerally to Senator Obama's comments about gun owners and religious people clinging to their guns or their faith because they're "bitter" - he proclaims his heart for the people in public and then goes to a private fundraiser in the liberal capital of the United States, San Francisco, and tries to explain the rabble to his well-heeled liberal friends who obviously need the tutelage. We are not stupid pets that need a master and liberals through their attitudes, words and policies betray the fact they view us this way. They welcome the people who bleat like sheep for the government to care for them and they denigrate the ones who believe government is the servant and not the master.

Let me say one thing about Senator Obama's alliances and then I'll get off the topic. I use the word "alliances" rather than associations because these were not casual or chance encounters, but deliberate decisions on the part of Senator Obama to align himself with these people. Before my liberal friends start losing their minds, however, I don't believe these alliances make Senator Obama a mad bomber or a racist. He is a cautious and deliberate man who is generally very careful and disciplined about his words and actions. What I see is a politician who knew the paths to power in the Chicago political machine and took the necessary steps to align himself with people who could advance his career. Frankly, were I his advisors, I would have told him early on to tell the American people that, just like any other politician, he aligned himself with these people to expand his political network and position himself for future advancement, not because he embraced their past or present actions or views. It might not have satisfied everyone but it would have taken a lot of steam out of the argument right up front. Of course, I know he's taken great pains to present himself as unlike "any other politician" so he probably wouldn't have taken my advice. That said, I can assure you the bloom is off the "post-partisan Obama" rose by now. By trying to minimize his relationships with these people, regular folks conclude he's either naive or lying. Another point that liberals aren't getting is that by defending his alliances, they are implicitly saying they approve of these people. It's not a great leap for regular folks when they hear liberals criticizing America and striving to remake it into Europe to assume they embrace sentiments like "God _____ America!" Also, they have no doubt that were a Republican or conservative aligned with similarly controversial people, it would be open season on them and it would be completely justified. Remember during the primaries when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright had his fifteen minutes of fame and Obama supporters were trying to draw a link between a couple of controversial conservative clergymen and John McCain? The people knew the difference between an endorsement from someone Senator McCain barely knew before the election and a 20-year alliance with a church and friendship with a pastor whose views were so far outside the mainstream that Oprah Winfrey was compelled to leave the congregation. Double standards tend to make people angry.

The anger you're witnessing is the "silent majority" watching their values belittled, their intellect challenged and the American experiment in which they've invested their lives being discarded in favor of European-style socialism. We are angry because the institutions that shape public opinion and influence our young people, namely academia, the press and the entertainment industry, are so far in the tank for liberal causes and candidates that for them to say otherwise is an insult to our intelligence and powers of perception. We are angry because Christians are under constant attack and made to look like fools or worse because those on the fringes of our faith are held up as the norm in an attempt to discredit all of us. Meanwhile, other faiths are given a pass because they are trendy, have the backing of the glitterati in Hollywood, or they are feared. We are angry because we're not allowed to disagree with Senator Obama's policies without being called racists or greedy. We didn't like John Kerry in 2004 because of what he stood for and he's white. Barack Obama's policies are strikingly similar, so why is our disagreement with him a racist act? When liberals hide behind the race card yet accuse us of raising the issue, we get angry. We get angry when objective research shows religious conservatives are several orders of magnitude more generous in their charitable giving than secular liberals, yet we're the ones who are called greedy. The research reveals secular liberals generally don't donate their time, talent and treasure even to charities they support but would rather take our money through taxes and have government distribute it to their favorite causes. When our tax dollars are used to fund causes and organizations that wouldn't see a dime of our charitable contributions if we weren't forced to be "neighborly" to use Senator Obama's word, or "patriotic" to use Senator Biden's description of their plan to redistribute income, we get angry.

When we see our neighbors who are struggling being told that only government can save them when government can't even get out of its own way, we get angry. When we see liberal politicians who pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to extend billions of dollars in mortgages to risky buyers, called anyone who opposed this policy and suggested caution racists, and now that the bill's come due blame conservatives for not being vigilant enough, we get angry. When we know health care needs reform but the liberals want to throw out the baby with the bathwater and emulate the problematic health care systems of Canada, Great Britain and other nations where everyone may be covered but the quality of and access to health care is questionable and the government bureaucracy inpenetrable, we get angry. When the liberals seem more concerned about the opinion of teacher's unions than parents and their children when it comes to education reform, we get angry. Finally, when liberals have been on an eight-year rant against President Bush and all things conservative, when they've used vile language and death threats to express their displeasure with the President, when they've called conservative Americans names that can't be printed in a family blog, when they disparage the geniune sacrifice of an American warrior and savage a successful woman who by any objective standard should be a role model to girls hoping to be leaders one day, when they attack her children and husband, a beautiful family that looks like families all across America, with hurtful rumors and innuendo regardless of the truth, and THEN have the chutzpah to call US angry....well, we get angry.