It's In Your Hands Now

In three days, you will have an opportunity that comes around once every four years, and I'm not just speaking about the election of our next President. This is your opportunity to strike back at the elitists who insult your intelligence, belittle your values and attack your faith. This is your opportunity to remind them that, in the words of Alexander Hamilton, "Here...the people rule." When you step into that voting booth on November 4th, it won't matter that liberals have essentially taken control of our mass media, the entertainment industry and our education system. It won't matter that they've declared open season on our Judeo-Christian heritage and the values that spring from our belief in an Almighty God and the dignity He bestows upon every human being. It won't matter that they mock people like us in the movies, on television and in their music. It won't matter that they consider us "bitter" for defending our rights to own firearms and worship as we see fit. It won't matter that they're beating the drums loudly and daily to declare their chosen one, Barack Obama, the victor before a single ballot has been counted. It won't matter that they have the imported champagne on ice, ready to celebrate their takeover of government from the vulgar common folk who rejected their candidates in 2000 and 2004. It won't matter that they're already drafting legislation to remake American society in the image of Western Europe and writing treaties to put international interests above ours.

None of it matters because when you are alone in that voting booth, you are the one in charge. You make the decisions and no one is in there to coerce or persuade you. It is the most empowering moment a citizen of a free nation can experience, and the Founding Fathers in their wisdom gave us the power to ensure government's legitimacy is derived from the consent of the governed. It is a power we inherited at great cost and people around the world risk their lives to do what we take for granted every time we punch out a chad or tap a touchscreen or check off a box to indicate our selections. We are free to make the choices we wish, no matter what the opinion-shapers try to tell us prior to that moment.

Many of you have already decided how you're going to vote. If you haven't made up your mind, however, or even if you have, let me give you some advice. You are not just voting for a man or a party when you make your selection. You're voting for a worldview and that, in my opinion, is more important than the personalities, the tenor of the campaign, or even the outcome of the last eight years of the Bush Administration.

Polls consistently show that Americans overwhelmingly believe in free markets and opportunities for everyone to create wealth for themselves and their families, and they believe less government and low taxes, not more government and higher taxes, are the solution. The elites tell you they believe in the same things, but they're lying to you and when they're caught in their lies, they think they can equivocate and talk their way out of it because, after all, you're not bright enough to see through them. But we're not stupid, are we? When Senator Obama speaks of the "redistribution of wealth" in 2001 and "spreading the wealth" in 2008, that's not just a slip of the tongue, that's a worldview.

If Americans voted for or against a worldview rather than for or against a personality or in protest against a campaign or a political party, this contest wouldn't even be close. We know who we are and the elites know they can't win unless they pretend to be like us. They can't help themselves, however - their condescension and arrogance is so great they let the cat out of the bag a few times too many as to what they really think of us. They don't think we've noticed. They're wrong.

You have the power on November 4th to send the elites back to their ivory towers, beach houses and mansions for another four years. You can foil their plans and keep us a nation of, by and for the people. Don't be distracted by the noise they're putting out there about a third Bush term or tax breaks for the rich or any of that garbage - that's a smokescreen to mask their true intentions. This election is about what philosophy America intends to adopt going forward - the one that made us the most powerful and prosperous nation on the planet or the one that transformed Europe into a collection of middling states with lukewarm economies and no capacity to defend themselves against the security threats facing the world today. The power is in your hands - use it wisely.