A Veteran's Rude Awakening

Between my father and myself, we served in the U.S. Air Force for over three decades because we believed in the promises of America, if not always its practices. I used to believe the people I was defending shared the same values and differed only in how to realize them. It took the Presidential campaign of 2008 and its aftermath to cause the scales to fall from my eyes and help me see there is yet another war to be fought, but this time against a culture that finds life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness repugnant and believes the end of subjugating us to their worldview justifies the means. I wore the uniform because I believed in the dignity and value of every human life and swore to repel our enemies so the innocent could live. No human right matters if the first human right, the right to life, is taken from us. Yet it is my country since 1973 that has legally sanctioned the murder of over 40 million innocent children waiting to be born, not because they posed a threat to our liberty but because we couldn't be inconvenienced or "punished with a baby." We are fighting in distant lands to protect lives while our nation is compromising the peace and safety of the womb and violently destroying baby humans at will. If I do not stand up and fight this atrocity which contradicts every code of honor I've been taught, then my hands are awash in the blood of innocents just as if I had taken their lives myself.

I marched with pride on the parade fields alongside my brothers and sisters in arms because the military exemplified opportunity over entitlement, and while people may have brought their prejudices into the military with them, they couldn't advance if they continued to cling to them. The female commanders to whom I reported represented the meritocracy at work and demonstrated the triumph of talent and hard work over sexism. When the Republican Party introduced us to Governor Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska, a woman of extraordinary achievement from America's last frontier who took on and defeated her state GOP's corrupt male establishment, I was proud of my country. She is a vibrant wife and mother and she and her family are a living, breathing tribute to the value of life, the love of home, and the reward of perseverance. Yet the elitist left and right attacked her with a viciousness unprecedented in recent political history. No claim was too outrageous and no insult too repellent if it served to bring down a woman who by any objective measure should be a hero to girls and young women everywhere. The feminists who claim to speak for all women either remained mute or wallowed in the mud with the rest of the mob. If I do not shine the light of truth on the hyprocisy that permeates the modern feminist movement, then I dishonor the military women who courageously held their own and didn't seek preferential treatment, thereby adding their excellence to the profession of arms.

I exchanged salutes with my uniformed colleagues who along with me took a vow to put our country before our own self-interest.  We were blessed this year to support one of our own for President, a man who demonstrated "Duty, Honor and Country" by literally sacrificing himself for the nation he loves. John Sidney McCain III endured 5 1/2 years of torture at the hands of the enemy and has since dedicated his life to serving America first, no matter what it costs him personally. Yet he was vilified and ridiculed by people who have never felt the sting of thrice-weekly beatings, or who raised their arms in protest against a man who can no longer raise his arms above his head because the enemy twisted his ailing body and bound it by rope for hours at a time. John McCain suffered so their right to hurl insults at him could be preserved. If I don't defend the nobility and sacrifice of our troops past and present against those who view them either as war criminals or victims but not heroes, then I am providing comfort to those who would do us harm.

Selfish people protest because they care more about society validating their physical or emotional attraction to one another than children being raised by a mother and father in a loving home. Our schools, the entertainment industry and mainstream press are totally sold out to redistributive change over individual liberty and personal achievement and can no longer be relied upon for objectivity. An ordinary citizen's rights are violated because he dared to question the anointed leader of the left. People of faith are marginalized when they are the ones feeling the hungry, sheltering the homeless and healing the hurting. Clearly, the time for naivete and innocence is over. I must prepare myself once again to protect the country I love, this time from the deceivers and enablers who would rather mock our founding principles than give their lives for them.