My Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I believe we all need an occasion to pause and reflect on our blessings, especially in an age when grievance and entitlement have overtaken praise and obligation as appropriate acknowledgments of the liberties we enjoy. It is therefore with an attitude of gratitude that I share with you the things for which I am grateful this Thanksgiving week.

I am thankful for yet another peaceful transfer of power this election year and for the more than 57 million Americans who, despite the results, honored our system of government by their civil behavior, in stark contrast to the rude, violent and infantile response of the gay rights community to the victory of traditional marriage over radical social engineering. I am thankful that in America, gays still have the liberty to live together and enter into legal agreements to care for one another if they so choose, unlike dozens of nations around the world where they would be legally imprisoned or murdered for coming out of the closet. I am thankful that the vandalism, assaults, lewd public behavior, lawsuits, name calling and death threats in which they've engaged in the name of tolerance exposes their hypocrisy. I am thankful for the 44 states whose residents have affirmed marriage not as a right but a privilege reserved for committed couples biologically capable of bearing children together and ensuring the unique and irreplaceable contributions of a father and a mother in the home. I am thankful for Bill O'Reilly for being the only prominent media figure willing to reveal the thuggery of the gay rights movement to the world. I am thankful to Fox News in general for offering a mainstream media platform from which our story can be told without contradiction or correction.

I am thankful for Sarah Palin, whose charisma and beauty are far exceeded by her grace in the face of the most withering, mean-spirited and ugly assault by the elitists on a single individual in modern memory. I am thankful for Todd Palin who proves you can be a nurturing father and housekeeper and supportive husband who stands proudly behind his accomplished wife, yet still be "The First Dude." I am thankful for Trig Palin who brings joy to his parents every day because they, unlike 90% of others whose unborn children are diagnosed with Down Syndrome, chose life over death. I am thankful for Piper Palin who lovingly smoothed her baby brother's hair with her saliva while her mother fired up the Republican National Convention and made the liberals spitting mad. I am thankful for Willow Palin who said of her special needs brother, "I don't care - he's my brother and I love him." I am thankful for Bristol Palin who despite her tender age endured the slander and libel of evil people because she chose not only to let her baby live but to marry her boyfriend so the baby would have a father and a home. I am thankful for Levi Johnston, her boyfriend, for willingly embracing marriage and fatherhood and showing that while any boy can make a baby, it takes a man to raise a family. I am thankful for Track Palin and Beau Biden who, despite their divergent politics, are serving our country in Iraq. I am thankful to Senator John McCain for introducing us to this American family that showed us their best while enduring the worst.

I am thankful for the millions of religious conservatives who, despite being labeled selfish by liberals, in fact give significantly more of their time, talent and treasure to charitable causes than do their accusers. I am thankful for the people working in the food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and crisis pregnancy centers while the limousine liberals pat themselves on the back for saving trees, killing babies and being generous with other people's money. I am thankful for those who believe the compassion of our nation is found not in its government but in its people and who prove it every day by lending their neighbors in need a helping hand.

I am thankful for a wife that never lets me get so full of myself that I forget to take out the trash. I am thankful for my firstborn child and daughter who loves me even though I'm a Republican. I am thankful for my younger daughter who shares my interest in technology and my son who shares my passion for football. I am thankful for Chesapeake Church which is as essential to me as the air I breathe.

I am especially thankful for you, dear readers, because you honor me with your attention and positive comments. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and may God bless you.