Ron Miller Files for District 27 Maryland Senate Seat


CONTACT: Ron Miller, (410) 474-3778

Local Republican hopes to be the GOP challenger in 2010 to 34-year plus incumbent and Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller

ANNAPOLIS --Community activist, U.S. Air Force veteran and technology executive Ron Miller of Huntingtown filed his Certificate for Candidacy today at the Maryland State Board of Elections offices in Annapolis for the Legislative District 27 state Senate seat. District 27, which includes southern Prince George's County and portions of Calvert County, is represented by longtime incumbent and current Senate president Thomas V. "Mike" Miller.

In announcing his candidacy as "the right Miller" for District 27, Ron Miller released the following statement:

"In just a few short years, Maryland has degenerated into a high-tax, high-cost, anti-business state, and our families are paying dearly for the lack of fiscal discipline in Annapolis. Maryland has the 4th highest tax burden in the nation, higher even than that of California which is in full fiscal meltdown. Our business tax climate has plunged from 24th to 45th in the nation, and we have the 6th highest cost of living, 5th if you exclude the District of Columbia.

"This free fall isn't the result of chance. I fundamentally disagree with the policies I've seen Mike Miller shepherd through the Senate, including the largest tax increase in Maryland history. Now he's talking about a gas tax on an already overtaxed public, and mocking those of us who believe government takes too much and spends too much.

"Policies affect real lives. Young families with children, working families, seniors on fixed incomes - all and more are hurting because it's simply become too expensive to live here. Yet all we've seen out of Annapolis every year is avoidance where they put off fixing the long-term problems and hope for a miracle each year to rescue them from billion dollar annual deficits. The first year, they depleted Governor Ehrlich's $1 billion-plus rainy day fund. The next year, they slapped us with a $1.4 billion tax increase which was supposed to fix our fiscal woes for good but didn't. Now it's the federal so-called "stimulus" package where the federal government is spending money we don't have. I guess Mike Miller's gas tax will be the next stopgap fix.

"I can't stand by and act as if the status quo is OK. It's not; people are hurting and all the special projects Mike Miller brings to the district to buy favor at election time aren't doing anything for families who need more money in their pockets to make a living and build a life. As a veteran, businessman, and government and non-profit executive, I have the breadth of experience a 21st century leader needs to make sound policies that fix problems and help people. As someone who lives and works every day like everyone else and has personally felt the sting of this fiscal crisis, I have the heart to listen, learn and serve rather than dictate. I will always remember that I work for you.

"It's your money, not theirs. You earned it and you should decide how it's spent. I understand that and I need your help to carry that message to the Miller Senate Office Building and the State House in 2010."