The Useful Idiots of the NAACP

As executive director of Regular Folks United, I've devoted significant attention recently to the irrelevance of the NAACP to the real plight of black Americans. My articles here and here take the NAACP to task for fighting past battles and tilting at windmills, while the tangible problems go unaddressed - entitlement programs that stifle individual initiative, create permanent dependency and destroy the black family; low standardized test scores and astronomical high school dropout rates due to a failed public education system; black-on-black crime and a murder rate where 94% of blacks are slain by other blacks; an abortion industry that thrives disproportionately on the blood of black babies; and an anemic percentage of black wealth in America that hasn't changed since the Civil War.

Now we have the NAACP doing the bidding of their liberal enablers and flailing at the supposedly pervasive racism of the Tea Party movement, an outpouring of grass roots citizenship in which I have proudly participated since hosting the first Tea Party in Maryland in March of 2009. I've attended or spoken at several Tea Party rallies since then, and the people I meet are good and decent folks who've never protested in their lives before now, but are afraid for our country's future.

Contrary to the message of this proposed resolution, the leaders of the Tea Party movement, a decentralized group of patriots who don't answer to a single master, only to the principles of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, have repeatedly and consistently spoken out against racism in our ranks. The NAACP's ignorance of that fact is deliberate and disingenuous.

The everyday Americans who love their country and their neighbors, regardless of race, don't deserve such vitriol, and the NAACP are "useful idiots" for their screeching liberal masters when they play this game.

This resolution is being pushed by a desperate liberal political establishment that has betrayed the American people and anticipates being punished for it at the polls in November, and a once-venerable civil rights organization that can no longer credibly declare America an inherently racist society when a majority of whites voted to put a black man in the White House, and gave him an 80 percent plus approval rating before his true agenda became known. These "80 percent plus" people didn't become racists overnight. It's not about President Obama's skin color. It's his quest to "remake America" - his words, not ours - that has us fighting back to preserve those aspects of America's character that make her great.

In my upcoming book, "Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom's Porch", I make it clear that race isn't what brings the Tea Party movement together:

I know its leaders and I know the hearts and souls of the majority of the participants with whom I’ve had contact. If I had encountered racism on a pervasive scale, I would have nothing to do with the movement. I know the leaders are attempting as best they can, within this decentralized grassroots movement minus hierarchical structure, to self-police. They’ve issued a number of public statements repudiating racist actions…

…It is their faith that all hard-working people can thrive in America if given the liberty and opportunity that lives at the heart of the Tea Party movement. If you want to see for yourself whether or not the Tea Party movement is racist, there’s only one way to do it. Go to a Tea Party rally. If you aren’t there to disrupt or agitate, we’ll welcome you warmly and invite you to observe. To all Americans who believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, fiscal accountability and transparency, less intrusive government, and a greater reliance on family, faith and community over government, you have nothing to fear from us. There is no racial, gender or ethnic litmus test, and in these times of dramatic change, we need you.

The proposed resolution from the NAACP against the Tea Party movement has no redeeming value. It will not bring about harmonious change, and it will further isolate the hidebound black orthodoxy from the real lives of real people, black and white. I repudiate this action in the strongest possible terms.