Memo to Reid - Shut Up

I saw the news reports about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's appearance on Face the Nation, and I regret that he wasn't really facing the nation, especially me. Had he been in front of me at that time, I would have shut him down within minutes of his uttering the following comment about the GOP's proposed FY 2012 budget:

“This is more than numbers...This involves people. What they did with H.R. 1 is this bill did such mean-spirited things, not to cut the debt, but to send an ideological message. For example, little kids, Head Start, these are the poor little children around the country, little boys and girls, who want to get a head start.”

Mean-spirited? Send an ideological message? What unmitigated gall you have, Senator Reid, to wring your hands in mock agony over the "poor little children around the country, little boys and girls, who want to get a head start," when it's you and others of you ilk that have your heads so firmly planted up the backsides of the unions that you will sell Washington DC's "poor little children," mostly black, down the river by denying their parents the choice of where to send their children to school.

Let me tell you about these parents, Senator Reid. Most of them are single mothers who see their children about to be swallowed up by a culture of drugs and violence. They may not hold the exalted position that you do, from which you see all and know all - they may not even have a high school education themselves - but they do know they love their children, and they couldn't care less about your unions or your fake fealty to public education. Let me tell you what they care about.

They care about sending their children to schools where getting through the day without being attacked or killed, not learning, is the greatest challenge.

They care about the fact that while you extol the virtues of the hellholes to which they're forced to send their children, nearly 40 percent of the last Congress sent their children to private schools. The president you revere for being  a "light-skinned" black man "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one" went to private schools. He sends his girls to a private school where, before you and your colleagues killed the D.C. voucher program, they would have had some of those "poor little children" as classmates.

They care so much that when their children were selected for scholarships under the D.C. voucher program, their relief that their children would be in a safe and nurturing environment was so overwhelming that they wept uncontrollably, as did those mothers whose children were unable to benefit from a scholarship.

Their children aren't fooled, either. When a black child asks a school choice advocate, "Why don't the congressmen who look like us want us to go to better schools?" after witnessing non-voting DC delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and her sellout colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus, save one Rep. Allen West of Florida, argue vociferously against restoring the D.C. voucher program, you know you've been found out for who you really are.

You want to know what mean-spirited and ideological is, Senator Reid? It's having the chutzpah to cry crocodile tears over Head Start, while you are actively and aggressively seeking to bring the futures of underserved black children right down the street from you to a screeching halt by denying parents the right to determine their child's educational destiny. That dog doesn't hunt here, Senator.

Face the nation? No, just be quiet. You have nothing to say that any of the parents of Washington, DC can hear - your actions are drowning out your lies.