Cut, Cap, Balance–The Time is Now

Ron Miller, President of Regular Folks United, issued the following press statement on the "Cut, Cap, Balance" pledge:

"We are at a critical juncture in American history, and our choices are stark and unpleasant.

"We will either stop the out-of-control government spending in which both political parties have engaged, make the painful but necessary cuts to bring down the deficits, and codify the requirement for a balanced budget in our Constitution, or we will stay on the present course despite all warnings to turn back, and watch our nation destroy itself from within.

"Neither choice will be painless. The time for painless solutions has passed us by, and all the questions and answers going forward will be difficult. We all share in the circumstances that brought us to this point, so placing blame is a meaningless exercise. The question we are asking of our leaders, and ourselves, is "What are we going to do about it?"

"Regular Folks United applauds the statecraft which went into the development of a common sense solution that will stave off disaster if it is adopted.

"The "Cut, Cap, Balance" pledge embraces the sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars that has been lacking in Washington for decades. The decision to raise the debt ceiling cannot be the rote exercise of the past. The staggering $14 trillion-plus national debt, and the tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities for federal health and retirement programs, demands a bold and disciplined call to action.

"We applaud the commitment of the 11 U.S. senators and 16 U.S. congressmen, 21 candidates, and thousands of citizens who to date have signed the pledge.

"Collectively, they are committed to cutting spending and reducing annual deficits going forward, capping federal spending to move the budget closer to balance, and introducing and implementing an aggressive balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which will include spending caps and a supermajority requirement for tax increases.

"Forty-five states are constitutionally required to balance their budgets, and four others have statutes in place that require it. The federal government, which was established and granted authority by the states, should follow their lead.

"What is the alternative? The Congressional Budget Office this week issued the latest in a string of dire reports on the state of the American economy and the burgeoning budget crisis in Washington, and it clearly made the case that the alternative is unacceptable. We haven't been able to spend our way out of calamity, and to continue on that path is profoundly irresponsible.

"We also reject the notion that the only way to raise revenue is to raise taxes on those who already pay most of the bills. No one, including the federal government, has an unlimited right to a person's labor or the fruits of that labor. We settled that with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

"Nor is government capable of creating jobs or growing the economy, despite its numerous attempts in the past to do so. Jobs are created and the economy grows when government steps back and simply protects free people, free minds and free markets so they are unleashed to create wealth. This system has lifted more people out of poverty, and created more opportunities for dreams to become reality, than any other in the history of this planet - period. We make no apologies whatsoever for that.

"Fundamentally, we do not have a revenue problem - we have a spending problem. Even if our revenues were at the record levels they reached during the Clinton presidency, they would still be inadequate to the task of paring down the enormous deficits we are accumulating. We must "Cut, Cap and Balance," and we must do it today. If we must treat the current debt ceiling as an impenetrable barrier in order to force our legislators and the president to do the right thing, it is a worthwhile endeavor upon which to stand our ground.

"In the end, that's the question we must get right in order to proceed with the difficult budgetary decisions to come - "What is the purpose of government?" The answer to that question, at least here in America, was given in 1787, and it still rings true today.

"Regular Folks United is pleased to stand as an organization in support of the "Cut, Cap, Balance" pledge, and our founder, Lori Roman, and I have signed it as citizens, too."