Run the World (Moms)

Those politicians in Washington had better get down to business on the debt ceiling and the necessary tax and spending reforms needed to bring fiscal responsibility to the federal government. Forget the Tea Party – hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Chafian, the head of a new advocacy group called The Mommy Lobby. Their goals are remarkably similar to those of many groups that have sprung up in the wake of a sustained assault on the American construct of limited constitutional government, individual liberty and free enterprise.

Like the Tea Party, The Mommy Lobby is comprised primarily of everyday Americans who were not previously active in politics, and who are alarmed at the breadth and depth of government spending, growth, and intrusion into every area of our lives.

The biggest difference? Mothers are the ones most likely to deal with the impact of these encroachments into the home:

From the first good morning smile to the kiss on the forehead at the end of the night, moms do it all every day. We stretch the family grocery budget when it costs twice this year as it did last year to fill up the gas tank. We clip coupons and scrimp on haircuts so that our kids can participate in sports or music activities. When ever faced with a problem, moms rise to the challenge and conquer it because we have to. We expect accountability and responsibility from our children so that they may grow up to be productive members of society. But most of all we nurture, love and cherish the lives that we have been blessed to raise.

How many times have you been watching the news or listening to the radio and thought “Are you kidding me? What is wrong with our leaders?” Seeing the unwillingness of our government officials to cooperate and set aside the party line is incredibly frustrating…especially since the laws they pass affect us in our daily lives.

Mothers are worried not only about the economic impact of expanded government, but also the social impact of a worldview that seeks to force itself into their homes and into the lives of their children.

These threats don’t only come from what our elected officials do in our capitals; it’s also the attack on the family from Hollywood and the media. The family unit, whatever that may be, is being marginalized and attacked on a daily basis. Parental authority is mocked and our children are inundated with images of excess and that which breaks down the moral fiber we work hard to instill in our children daily.

For the most part, mothers take their child-raising responsibilities very seriously, and they believe fervently that it’s their job, not the job of the schools or the state, to instill moral values in their children. When government tries to tell your children what is good or bad, right or wrong, or what they should and shouldn’t believe, then it’s crossed the line into mommy territory – and there will be blood.

The Mommy Lobby has a kindred spirit in another organization, Mothers Against Debt, which was recently featured in an MSNBC report. MAD is focused like a laser on local, state and federal spending that threatens to burden their children with tens of thousands of dollars each in the future.

Amy Oliver, the founder of MAD, believes that mothers have been lied to about government spending, and she’s tired of it:

"For years, people have been saying the money is for the kids. The spending is for the kids. It's not. That's a lie, and it's a lie moms have bought for years…The spending is for the people in the system, not for the kids. … We spend more per capita on schools that any other country, and what results do we get?"

Oliver is direct when it comes to explaining why it’s important for mothers, who already have so much on their plates every day, to take on this issue as well - "…[M]en handle money differently than moms do."

Check out their websites, and also the Facebook pages for The Mommy Lobby and Mothers Against Debt.

I’ve always believed that the most important decisions in our lives are not made at the mahogany conference tables in Washington, our state capitals or at our county, city or town halls. They’re made at the kitchen table, and no one understands that and lives it more than our moms.

If you’re a mother, and you’re fed up with government stealing and wasting your family funds, dictating to your children what they can and can’t bring in their school lunches – if they allow you to bring a lunch from home – or trying to instill values in your children that don’t meet with your approval, these organizations were made for you, and they can use your support.